Design changes can be as simple as changing the color of the walls or as complex as starting from the ground up. Your living space is an expression of who you are and creating the perfect space is a team effort.

Why Rebecca Foster Design?

A good designer spends years studying and redefining their craft. They have been trained in various aspects of design, art and architecture and can work with a variety of styles. They also have access to materials and products not available to the public and have good, working relationships with reliable vendors and crafts people. A great designer will have a personal style that appeals to you, will be attentive, welcome your input and be reliable. Rebecca helps you make a clear path to your vision, making practical design extraordinary.

How It Works

  • Each project starts with a consultation to analyze the space and needs.
  • Together, we define the budget, scope & schedule.
  • Upon approval of the project, the conceptual design process can include sketches, color and fabric swatches, and samples of products or finishes for flooring, furniture, lighting and more.
  • When the design direction is approved, the components are ordered and managed for delivery. Project supervision includes coordinating with all vendors and suppliers. The project is complete when all of the components are professionally delivered and staged.


Design Development

Design development includes design concepts of color schemes, design styles, finishes, and materials. Design includes the recommendation of fixtures, lighting, appliances, wall coverings, window treatments, and furniture.

New Construction
A good designer will help you create a unique vision for making your home as functional and cohesive as possible while keeping it beautiful and unique. Rebecca takes that time to understand exactly how you live and work within a space to help you create the ideal home layout for your family. In partnership with a developer and builder, Rebecca works with you at every aspect of the decision making process. From closet doors and fixtures to patio furniture, each element of the home is designed to work together to create a timeless flow.

Whether you need a roomed freshened up or an entire remodel, the process starts with an evaluation of how the current space is used. Rebecca will help you design and update your space with current but timeless trends that will help maximize the use of any room or space.

Home Staging
Home Staging can help you sell your property faster and for more money. Homes filled with personal items can hide the possibilities while vacant homes can leave little to the imagination. As a result the homes sit on the market longer. For a currently occupied home, Rebecca will help accessorize, rearrange, and de-clutter to emphasize positive points and detract from any negatives. For empty homes, Rebecca will work with rental companies to fill the home with the perfect look to help inspire any potential buyers.

Space Planning

We help make a clear path to your envisioned idea saving you time by providing appropriate product selections and a master plan. RFD can consult with you on the existing uses of your home and rooms and make suggestions about streamlining and repurposing rooms that fit your needs. Perhaps you’ve added a new family member or have become an empty nester or you have started to telecommute or no longer need a playroom – in any circumstance, a life change can be emphasized and celebrated by adjusting the design of home.

Project Management

Having a designer and a design firm means you have a point of contact who oversees the entire project from design to installation. Each phase is meticulously managed so each component is ordered, created and delivered in a timely and efficient manner. We work with each client and vendor to ensure the timing is right, the products are exact and the budget is maintained.

Custom Furniture
Sometimes creating the perfect space requires a little thinking and planning outside the box. Keep a space unique to each person sometimes requires custom furniture. Not always more expensive than pre-made stock furniture, custom furniture always a wider variety of patterns, finishes, paints, colors, styles, and sizes to fit an overall design. On top of that, a custom piece of furniture ensures a truly one of a kind piece made by craftsman and artists.

Window Treatments

Next to the paint of the walls, nothing drives the center of the design in the room like the window treatments. They must fit the room as well as the window. Often the most used structure in the house, windows let in the perfect amount of light and the coverings available are endless.


Color sets the tone of the home. From exterior to interior, the colors make and impact and reflect the homeowner’s unique personality. From cool tones to vibrant hues, having an eye for color combinations and coordinating colors and textures is a unique expertise of RFD.


Fabric is a category that is overwhelming with patterns, colors, textures and more. RFD has years of experience selecting the perfect combination of color and tone of each project. From custom upholstered furniture to duvets, high quality fabric will keep its structure and protect your investments.


As unique as the homeowners, accessories make a statement about the home. RFD works in partnership with you to create a balanced and unique finish in the room while reusing existing pieces and incorporating new pieces.


Deciding on color – paint for interior or exterior can be a complicated process. There are types, Low VOC, acrylic, oil-based, interior/exterior to consider as well as finishes: flat, eggshell, low sheen/satin, semi-gloss, or gloss that all make a difference in the quality and result of painting any project. We can help with any paint question. The colors you choose for your home will influence the mood of the home and serve as the backdrop for the rest of the design.


Upholstery can make a factory piece of furniture look like a work of art. Custom fabrics, wood finishes and details are all part of create a one of a kind chair, couch, ottoman and more.


Taking a family heirloom or a high quality vintage piece of furniture and giving it a makeover is a great re-use of existing materials. RFD works with vendors who possess true craftsmanship to maintain the integrity of the piece while giving it a new look and perhaps a new purpose.


Projects aren’t complete until everything has been delivered and installed. We work with expert craftsmen and installers to ensure each phase of the project is done correctly. We oversee the delivery and installation of furniture, window treatments, carpeting & flooring and more.